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Conference papers and presentations for Dominick A Leone
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Aung PP, Leone D, Feller JK, Yang S, Massaro J, Hernandez M, Yaar R, Singh R, Helm T, Mahalingam M. Lymphovascular invasion and BRAF status in primary cutaneous melanoma – is there a connection? USCAP Annual Meeting, 2015, Boston, MA
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Fryden N, Leone D, Mahalingam M. Perineural Invasion in Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma; an Immunohistochemical Study of Correlation with Anatomic Site and Established Histopathologic Prognosticators. USCAP Annual Meeting, 2015, Boston, MA.

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Fryden N, Leone D, Mahalingam M. Expression of the High-Affinity Nerve Growth Factor Receptor TrkA in Cutaneous Malignancies With a Propensity for Perineural Invasion – Is There a Connection? USCAP Annual Meeting, 2015, Boston, MA.

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Katz IT, Kaplan R, Fitzmaurice G, Leone D, Bansberg DR, Bekker LG, Orrell C. The impact of South Africa’s HIV Treatment Guidelines on Early Loss to Care: A cohort analysis. CROI 2015, Seattle, WA.
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Mitchell B, Leone D, Feller JK, Bondzie P, Yang S, Park HY, Mahalingam M. The chemokine receptor 4 (CXCR4) in primary cutaneous melanoma - correlation of expression with established histopathologic prognosticators, BRAF status and expression of its ligand CXCL12 SID Annual Meeting, 2014, Albuquerque, Mexico

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