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Mobile health is more than just the inclusion of tablets, smartphones, and technology in medicine. Instead, mHealth represents a transformation of healthcare, bringing cheap high-quality diagnostic platforms to the bedside — both in developed and developing nations alike. The technology is not a distraction or center, but rather a pathway to better and more humanistic care in medicine.

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CHAT: Community Health-worker Assistive Technology program developed a teaching portal for lay workers to return to their community to increase awareness on HIV, severe childhood illness, nutrition, and childhood development. The CHWs were also trained using the same technology that they used in the field.
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TAP: The Treatment Ambassador Program is an open pilot, R34 project, to increase antiretroviral initiation among people living with HIV-AIDS that initially refuse treatment.
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REDCap: Mobile technology has also transformed the collection and analysis of data from patients at the clinic and bedside. Using REDCap software, developed in United States’ academic centers, this technology allows for quick and easy creation of a database anywhere wifi or cellular signals are present.

Google ODK: A more fluid platform, surveys created with ODK allow data collection in the field where no cellular signal is present. Data is then transferred to cloud based databases once the device has internet access.
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NoviGuide: A tablet based clinical application that provides decision support based on risk stratification for sub-saharan neonates in resource-limited settings. The primary goal of this evidence-based protocol platform is to reduce the most common causes of neonate mortality: asphyxia, infection, and prematurity.

We studied the acceptability and feasibility of using NoviGuide in rural district hospitals in Harry Gala Health District, KwaZulu Natal Province, South Africa. The study assessed usage and patterns of usage over time along with healthcare providers’ perceptions and barriers to implementation of the device/app.

  • Butler LM. NIH grant NIMH R34MH097563. CHAT: mHealth Innovation for HIV-MCHN Community Health Workers in South Africa.